Project Name: NASA Suits Challenge 2020
Client: NASA
Year: 2020

NASA Suits and EVA AR Interface

I've joined the CLAWS team (Compact Localized Augmented Work Station) as a UX/UI designer to develop an augmented reality interface for the NASA SUITS Challenge. The team's proposal has been accepted and we are representing University of Michigan at the Johnson Space Center in April as one of 21 teams from select universities around the country.

SUITS (Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students) seeks to engage college students across the nation in Lunar-focused challenges that align with the technology needs of the Artemis mission. Our focus this year is on geological field data and sample collection as well as EVA, or extravehicular activity modules. Think, an interactive instruction manual in your helmet to change the tire on your rover. For surface exploration, it is essential that crew-members are equipped with the appropriate human-autonomy enabling technologies necessary for the elevated demands of lunar surface exploration.